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Quality Survey Results 2016

Here is a summary of our Quality Survey Results for 2016. The Survey showed an overall satisfaction rate of 85%. Some of the comments made by our Service Users and relatives are listed below:

"Never know any of them (Carers) be less then polite and listen to me"
"They always wear Elmar's uniform and badges"
"Excellent service and personal cares"
"Very supportive of Mum and Dad"
"Elmar staff have excellent relations with Jean and Brian. They look forward to Elmar visits"
"Very happy with service and staff who are always helpful and cheerful. Well done!"
"Excellent , punctual and reliable service"

"Very good service from professional Company"

"Any issues fully resolved with full satisfaction"
"Elmar, in my opinion, is an excellent Company and I and Mum are more than satisfied with care 
"Excellent service. The ladies do a brilliant job. Because you do such a good job for Marion that is
why I asked if you could take care of Derek at Crossflatts"
"I am very happy with the service and would recommend to a third party"
"Leanne and Michelle are very very good. The others are also good"
"They are polite and always talking to Roger"
"I have never had to wait"
"Always punctual"
"We are generally happy with the Service"
"The service we receive mostly meets our expectations"
"We find the Carers are polite and respectful"
"I usually get a smile and pleasant good morning"


If you wish a full copy of the report, please get in touch.