Elmar Home Care knows that providing care for your loved one requires a holistic approach. This holistic approach entails care for the individual, both inside and outside of the home. By utilising modern technology, our social care program helps families stay connected by using platforms like Facebook, Skype, Face Time, etc, to remain active and engaged.

Recent Research Conclusions

  • Surfing the internet can reduce depression in Seniors by 20 percent
  • A University of Arizona study finds seniors who use Facebook showed a 25 percent improvement in mental “updating” skills – essentially improving their working memory
  • Another study shows seniors who visit social networking sites like Facebook have a positive emotional experience when measured by breathing rates, brain stimulation and pupil dilation

Our Social Care Program For Seniors

  1. Use a cell phone
  2. Text, send e-mail, Skype, or use FaceTime
  3. Create a Facebook page/account and interact with family and friends
  4. Log in, shop online or research information on a search engine